mad_troll (mad_troll) wrote in linguaphiles,

Help- German Book(s) recommendation

I hope this post isn't extraneous to this community as my troubles come with the language.

My mother, a native German speaker, is hinting that she'd like one or more German books as a present.

My troubles:
She's a difficult reader, who likes Goethe, Heine, von Hoffmanstahl, T. Mann, Rilke (et al.) as examples of "well-written German" but has exhausted those classics.
She also claims she "has had enough of Austrian-isms" as well as Swiss phrases & Schwitzerditsch, so no chance for Roth, Schnitzler & c.

Could someone please recommend books that could fit her definition of "well-written German"?I'm quite curious too.

EDIT: Thank you all for recommendations and links!  Now it's between me and the bookshops.

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