big al (gendertrouble) wrote in linguaphiles,
big al

all of them wants?

so i just saw a commercial for Hooked On Phonics (which is a learn to read program). the premise of the ad is that a 4 year old kid is reading out loud and the other parents (of course, they're all moms) are all, how did you teach him to read? (as a side, the mother of the reader gets kind of coy and goes, 'we've been practicing', which is kind of absurd. are you supposed to keep hooked on phonics a secret? she's like totally not excited to share with the other moms).

um, anyway, he's reading about cars getting ready to race, and he reads, "all of them wants to win." i found this jarring. i actually rewound it twice because i wasn't sure if he said that or he was just kind of slurring.

that's not right, right? because you wouldn't say 'all wants to win' or 'they want to win'. but i'm not sure. and while i am actually -all- about there is no 'right' with language, i was just surprised because it's a commercial.

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