Nidaime (tekdeath) wrote in linguaphiles,

Comparison between English and Japanese

Hi all,

I do not believe I have posted here before, but I come before you in need of all your linguistic capabilities.

For my honors course we have to compare English to a non-European language and describe ten syntactic differences focusing on the spoken more than the written language. I opted for Japanese as I have some understanding of it and I couldn't use German. Now since I'm only in a Japanese I class, my knowledge of Japanese is still pretty minimal, especially in regards to discussing the intricacies of the spoken language. I've looked up some stuff on the internet and in my school's library (which is ridiculously huge) except it is far too advanced as they all use linguistic terms I am not familiar with so I really don't get much out of it. I also have to find a frill, something necessary to the language, but unnecessary for comprehension. Does anyone happen to know of any sources that discuss spoken Japanese and differences compared to English in terms a non-linguistics student could understand? I would be most grateful ^^. 

I got it finished, thanks for the help ^^.

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