Snowy (wosny) wrote in linguaphiles,

french question, boules?

A colleague of mine, Brigitte, was relating a misadventure;

A friend of hers, a recovering alcoholic, had phoned, saying she didn't want to be alone fo the evening, and as her driving licence had been revoked Brigitte drove the 50km to fetch her, made her supper, and lit the fire in the salon. After explaining that the short logs were only for the stove, Brigitte went to bed, but her friend stayed up...and burnt all the stove logs on the fire, while consuming a bottle of whiskey she had concealed in her bag. When both whiskey and wood were all gone she retired to the guest room to sleep, where she inadvertantly peed the bed.
"Le matin, quand j'ai vu tout ca," here Brigitte made a gesture reminiscent of Father Christmas pulling on his beard, "J'avais des boules, quoi! Tu comprends?"

Well I do understand how she must have felt, but I'm left wondering about the significance of the boules and why they might be situated just under the chin?
Can anyone help?

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