A Doubting Thomas (dlayiga) wrote in linguaphiles,
A Doubting Thomas

German name?

so...this is a question more name-related than language related, but i figure it's worth a shot here.

my grandmother's maiden name is Willius, and her grandfather was from Germany, making the name German, but it just seems like such a strange name. My family only has archives going back to the mid 18th century for the Willius family, and although I've heard that in the 15th and 16th centuries, the German elite often Latinized their surnames, we don't have any record of when that occured, or what the name was before it was changed. A friend also suggested that the family name could be Lithuanian and that they immigrated to Germany from the Baltic at some point during the Teutonic perid. I have no idea, and neither does anyone in my family. It is a mystery. So...any thoughts? is the name at all present in Germany today? if so, I'm certainly related to anyone who carries it.

also...what might the name Pfankuch mean? it's another family name.


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