Историк-генеалог Семёнов Виталий (ouranopolis) wrote in linguaphiles, Историк-генеалог Семёнов Виталий

Need help in German.

Please, can you translate this in German for my LJ profile?

My name is Vitaly, I am 29 and I live in Moscow, Russia. My educational
background is in history but my particular points of interest are
regional branding and languages. I am very interested in English, French,
German and Polish. I also spend a lot of my time learning Hebrew. If you
are a native speaker of one of these languages, I will be glad to provide
you with more information about Moscow, Russia and my activities. Please
don't hesitate to contact me at: dombaisaglara(at)

These are web-links to my activities:

I am maintainer of a Russian language LJ community about Regional

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