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How does becoming bilingual affect proficiency in the L1?

Hi there: 

I’ve decided to do my class project on: how does becoming bilingual affect proficiency in the L1. Thank you for all your help figuring out what I wanted to do. Now I have a questionnaire for bilinguals I’m going to use to collect data from which to get some hypothesis about the type of effects, etc. If any of you could take a moment to answer it, it would be tremendously helpful. 

Thanks in advance! 

Edit: I have about two weeks before I need to start analyzing the data with my group so whenever is a good time for you it's ok.
Edit 2: I've edited questions 3, 4 and 6 because they weren't clear enough.

Questionnaire for bilinguals:

When asked for proficiency in a language please use numbers from 1 to 5 besides explanations.

1. How many languages do you speak at a native or almost native level?

1-a. What would you say are your problem areas in the languages you are less than proficient (5)? Lack of input? Lack of use?

2. Could you list them and say, approximately, at what age did you learn them, how long you have been speaking them?

3. Did you ever manage to balance both L1 and L2, to speak them both at a native-like level, with little or no interference (ie. as fluently as someone who doesn't have another language competing for activation)?

3-a. If yes, when and how?

4. Is your mother tongue still your L1(your dominant language/the language you think in when there's no need to communicate with someone else)?

4-a. If yes, is this a choice or because you live in a L1 context and have much more L1 than L2 input?

4-b. If not, is this a choice or because you live in a L2 context?

5-a. Do you consider yourself as proficient(5) in your L1 as native monolingual speakers?

5-b. Do you consider yourself as proficient(5) in your L2 (and/or L3) as native monolingual speakers?

6-Do you find that meaningful communication influences which language you tend to think in, independently of the *amount* of input? (Eg. Listening to a song English might inspire me to speak English much more than an hour long chat with my mom in Spanish would inspire me to speak Spanish. Just because the song was more meaningful and appealed to me emotionally and aesthetically) 


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