katharsis (skibomb613) wrote in linguaphiles,

Five (or Ten) Common Misconceptions about Language in our World

I'm what you might call a residence advisor or an undergraduate advisor in one of the dorms on campus, and one of my responsibilities involves creating and maintaining a bulletin board on the floor. We're allowed to make it anything we want, just as long as it's generally educational or interesting to read. My being who I am, I've decided to make a bulletin board highlighting some (five? ten?) of the most common misconceptions about language in our world.

I've only come up with two possibilities so far:
-the Eskimo/snow-word fallacy
-how other languages (e.g. Chinese) do not have an alphabet like English does, and why this means you can't get the name "David" or "Mom" tatooed so easily

But I need more! Can you help?

EDIT: Thank you so much for everyone who responded! I've got more than enough fodder for my bulletin board :-)

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