Rena-Lime (rena_lime) wrote in linguaphiles,

Going on vacation...

I'm going to visit Turkey in the spring. It's just a two weeks vacation - but since it's boring to visit other countries without at least trying to learn something about culture and language...
does anyone know a good dictionary/travellers guide?
Preferably pocket-sized (something with just the most important vocabs and standard phrases) and in either English, French or German.

I'm not trying to get fluent, I just feel a bit safer when I'm not completely illiterate. I also happen to love bargaining on weekly markets and bazaars so it can't hurt, right?

The bad thing is, all I know in Turkish is a great bunch of rather colourful swearwords (with kind regards from our neighbours in the... not-ghetto).

I'm currently browsing the library and bookstores, but so far everything I've found is either too detailed or way to expensive.
Tags: turkish


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