Aisha (A Pi) (nerd4live) wrote in linguaphiles,
Aisha (A Pi)

Geographic borrowings

I'm looking for words based on towns, regions, countries, etc. So far I know that:

- "damasco" (Damascus) is Portuguese for apricot
- "برتقال" ([bortuqal] Portugal) is Arabic for orange
- "вокзал" ([vokzal] Vauxhall) is Russian for train station. A professor of mine said it was because some Englishmen came to Russia and told Peter the Great about their train stations. Vauxhall is the name of a London suburb and a train station (for the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens), but Peter misinterpreted this as the word for "train station". Apparently this is one of many theories.
EDIT: Wow that was totally not Peter the Great. Alexander III?

I'd like to see how many there are in different languages. I'm not looking for terms like, for example, "Boston Creme Pie" where the place serves merely as an adjective, but rather words for places that double as nouns or verbs or whatnot.

(P.S.: I think most of my posts in here will be similar how-do-you-says. I've got a few more up my sleeve)

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