Ben the Bos (izlude_tingel) wrote in linguaphiles,
Ben the Bos

Name question

When I was a kid, I had an imaginary friend. I'm not quite sure where he got his name from, and while I'm sure I just made up some nonsense syllables, I'm curious if it's a name in other languages.

The name never had a spelling that I can remember, but it was pronounced /'biː.goʊ/, like the words "bee" and "go" in English.

A bit of googling has found some info, but since I'm not quite sure how to represent the sounds and there isn't an IPA input in google, I thought I'd check here. Is "Beego" (or something that sounds reasonably close) a personal or familial name in any language you know? If it's not a name, is it a word? What does it mean?


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