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Need Help in Englsh!!!

I am going to be a main translator of the big Russian Visual Anthropology Festival. Of course, it's interesting but I am rather had translated from English on Russian before...
But now way back.
So, this community will read a lot of textes on bad English. And, I hope, you will help me not to be quit.
First it's the LAST version of the infornation bulletin. Please, help me to find mistakes and understand - is this understand-able?

Russian Institute for Cultural Research, Moscow State Lomonosov University, Ethnology and Anthropology Miklukho-Macklai Institute, National Associations for Audiovisual Archives supported by Federal Agency of Culture and Cinema.


October 2-8 2008 in Moscow Cinеma-hall «Khoudozhestvenny»

4th Moscow International Festival of Visual Anthropology «The Mediating Camera“

The principal point of Festival’s interest is visual anthropology products made since Jan.1 2006. The Festival promotes the possibility of international cooperation in visual anthropology. One of the most important parts of the festival is “start-uppers“. The festival is going to encourage the dialogue between film’s authors, scientists and audience.

The principal aims of the Festival include:

1. To support cultural diversity by visual anthropology
2. To look for decision of problems of tolerance and the possibility of the dialogue between of representatives of different cultures,
3. To screen the new films of visual anthropologists of Russia and another countries,
4. The acquaintance with new trends of visual anthropology.
5. To provide more access for the youth to Russian and International films about studying culture, ethnology and anthropology.

The festival will involve 2 main activities: screening of new films (2-5 October) as a part of the main program plus and The New Filmmakers contest and a Conference «The audiovisual anthropology in theory and practice» (October 6-8)

We invite for participation

1) The creators of films dedicated to the cultures of the peoples of the world. In the New Filmmakers contest we would be glad to see the films of the beginners in visual anthropology.

For casting we need:

1) The DVD copy pf the film sub-titled on English
2) A complete transcript of the film’s audio track on Russian (and (or) English) language.
3) The Entry form filled in Russian (or) English language) (print and electronic version).

We also invite application for attendance from professionals in the field of audiovisual anthropology and from all who explore the cross points of visual anthropology with science, education, art and media.
For participation we need:

The text of your speech (electronic copy, no more than 20 000 signs)
The synopsis of your speech (approx.100 words) on Russian and English (hard and electronic copy).
The application will be accepted till March 30, 2008
We regret that we are unable to return submitted materials.

The post address for your films and hard copies.

Leninskie Gory GSP-2, 1st Corpus of Lomonosov University, 4th floor-446, TSNIT FDO The Festival
Moscow, Russia

e-mail please, write the subject of your lettes (visa support, letter and so on)
the phone (Englsh-Russian) +7-916-069-7467 from 10 am till 10 pm by Moscow time
web-site of founders is The Russian Institute of Cultural Studies (Russian/English)
The center of Visual Anthropology (information about previous festivals and the Center)

Get more current information about the festival on the bilingual blog-community

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