ani (zeemeeuw) wrote in linguaphiles,

german help?

i'm doing a show & tell presentation for my german class and i've missed a few classes because i've been sick. i translated the text i wanted, but i'm sure it's off a bit. could someone here please point out my errors/tell me what i'm doing wrong? thank you in advance..

english: I have tea and honey. This is my favorite tea. I drink it every morning with honey in it because it wakes me up. I also drink tea because I do not like coffee.

MY german: Ich habe Tee und Honig. Dieses ist mein Lieblingstee. Ich trinke es jeden Morgen mit Honig in ihm, weil er mich oben aufweckt. Ich trinke auch Tee, weil ich nicht Kaffee gern.
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