Dagmar (dadi) wrote in linguaphiles,

German lessons for Italian seniors

As a favour, I have agreed to teach some German to a couple of elderly friends who want to visit their grandchildren in Germany. They do not know any other language, nor do they have more than basic schooling in their own, but have a good memory and are eager to learn.

Does anybody have tips on how to teach a foreign language, as difficult as German, to somebody like that? Are there any guidelines for it, like for teaching languages to children? I have tried with a "German for kids" text but did not have much success with it - too boring and silly. I would like to give them a minimal grammar base on which to build, but since it is rather difficult to explain the mere concept of Dative or Genitive, for example, to Italians, let alone elderly, intelligent but unused to language learning ones, until now I have limited my lessons to giving them easy phrases to learn, numbers, stuff like that.

Any suggestions? Thank you in advance!

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