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OK, so, I'm going to college (the English type) next year and obviously I have to pick which courses to take. I'm planning to take German, English Language, Psychology and Computing for my main A levels, then Japanese as a part time course (or enrichment-- whichever I could take). The college also offers a Latin GCSE (one year long) which I'm interested in but I have no idea whether it would be wise to take it or not.

Is it a completely mad idea to take German, Japanese and Latin all together? Would it be too much? I'm currently learning German at school, GCSE level, have been doing for about 3½ years and have been self studying Japanese for a number of months. Would I mix Latin up with anything, also? I'm aware that all of this would be different for every person, but I need to figure out what to do. And do you recommend if I get into the part time course (it's at a different college, two sets of one year courses) for Japanese that I also take the enrichment at my college, also? It's for 10 weeks, and I figured I could use it for a bit more speaking practice and also so I'd know someone at the college that could help me with my Japanese, as well as meeting people at my college who have similar interests to myself.


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