dressage_lvr (dressage_lvr) wrote in linguaphiles,

Hello all.  I'm new to this community!  First, about myself...  I am from the US and a native English speaker.  I speak some German and a little French, and I know a good bit of Latin.  Recently, I've decided to try to teach myself Italian since I can't find any teachers/classes in my area.  This is where my question comes in...

I have a book and an audio CD, and I have heard native speakers speaking Italian (which I think has helped my pronunciation immensely).  However, I was wondering how others of you who have taught yourself a language have gotten past the barrier of learning to speak the language?  I can grasp the reading, the writing, and the listening, but the speaking -- which is really one of the hardest parts anyways for me -- is made even more difficult because I don't have anyone to speak Italian TO.

I suppose I could talk to my cats, but they can't correct my pronunciation or grammar!  Any suggestions or success stories?  Thanks in advance, everyone!
Tags: italian

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