dontsaynothin. (upupabove) wrote in linguaphiles,

Italian SATs


Has anyone here taken the SAT II test for Italian? I'm taking it December 1st, and I've been studying from a preparatory book I got from my teacher. I want to know if the actual test is anything like the sample questions in this book, because the book seems a little ...odd. For instance, there are questions like "Ho conosciuto ______ alla discoteca a. maria b. Maria c. una carota d. un libro", but then there are selections that I could barely understand without my handy Italian-English dictionary (how was I supposed to know the word for entrepreneurship?).

And on a completely different note, does anyone know of any good self teaching books for Hebrew? I have been trying to take classes for that language for two freakin' years, but my attempts have failed. So far I've been taught the aleph bet, but that's about it. Oh, and the word for detective. So, I'm going to give up on having actual classes until I reach college, but I'd still like to get some kind of head start.


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