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got no idea on this one...

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As an airport worker, I have seen many strange things. From just about every country and culture imaginable. This, however, has me a bit stymied.

It is a small figurine encased in glass (you can get an idea of how small it is just by comparing it with my fingers -- smaller than my thumb). I found it lying in an empty boarding area, and nobody ever came back to claim it. It really kind of looks like the Dalai Lama to me, and there is some writing along the bottom that appears to be of language derived from Sanskrit or perhaps it is a Dravidian tongue. I took the clearest pictures that I could manage, but the truth is that it's difficult to read even when it's right in front of you (actually I think the pictures turned out better since I could magnify a bit).

The images are front, side and back respectively.

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

If anyone could give me clues on what this is, I'd be appreciative.
ETA: So far we've at least established that it is most likely Thai, thanks everyone for your help on that one. Lately I've had Hindi, Punjabi, and Telugu on the brain and it's obviously affecting my judgment!

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