jonahspeaks (jonahspeaks) wrote in linguaphiles,

learning languages online

hey guys! i'm new to this community (and to liverjournal as well) so i'm not sure if i'm doing this properly.

anyway, i just wanted to share with you guys something i've been using for the last few weeks to improve my Spanish. It's <a href="">this.</a> it's basically an online networking site dedicated to connecting people from different countries to help each other learn their friends' language. and you can look for and upload content for any level (basic, conversational, etc.) so it's very user-friendly and you can use it no matter what level you are. it's totally free also! no credit card checks, whatsoever.

hope you check it out! and i hope you also post links to useful sites that can help me learn more foreign languages.
Tags: internet resources, learning languages

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