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Please, help "kill the bugs" in my English text!

I am translating the info bulletin on English form Russian to help our festival. Please, help me to make it ideal

Federal State Scientific and Research Institution "The Russian Institute of Culture Studies” supported by The Federal Agency of Culture and Cinematography and Moscow State Lomonosov University presents from 2nd – 8th October 2008 on the hall of Moscow «Khudozhestveny» Сcinema and Moscow Lomonosov University

4th Moscow International Festival of Audiovisual anthropology

«The Camera as a Mediator»

The principal aims of the Festival include:

• to promote cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue through anthropological film ;
• looking for deciding a problem concerning tolerance
• search for a ways of dialog between of different culture communities
• to screen outstanding recent work in anthropological film of Russian and international crews
• to showcase the work of young film-makers in these genres
• to explore new trends in genres of anthropological cinema and their influence upon one another and on visual anthropology
• to provide a more information about Russian and international anthropological, ethnographic and culture films, provide a wide access for Russian spectators, specially for youth.

The Festival will involve 2 main activities: screenings of new films (2-5 October) as a part pf the main programs plus other ancillary events: The Contest of «Start-Ups» and a Conference “The Audiovisual Anthropology in theory and practice» (6-8 October=

We invite for participation:

1) The authors of films dedicated to cultures of peoples of Russia and abroad. On the “Start-Up» are highly welcome films who have never before participated in out festival.
For registration we need:
1/1 DVD copy of the film
1/2 Footage of film (on Russian and English) of you have not sub-titers (file copy)
1/3 registration form filled in Russian (and/or) English language (paper and file copy)

2) The professionals on the subject of audiovisual anthropology, its possibilities on science, education, art, media
For registration we need:
2.1 The text of your speech
2.2 The registration form, including a summary (max.100 words) on Russian and English (paper and file copy)
You can apply for participation till Mart 30 2008
We do not send back you DVDs and papers.
Please apply to The Festival «The Camera as a Mediator»

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