Snowy (wosny) wrote in linguaphiles,

Listening to Thinking Allowed this week on BBC Radio 4, which was about british comedy. The speaker suggested that british comedy was sometimes difficult for other english speaking countries to understand.
This followed an article in Private Eye a few weeks ago suggesting that US imported sit-coms were only attracting a small niche market because of incomprehensible baseball and theatre jargon.
This left me thinking about what a lot of comedy there is on british TV, generally one could watch only that from about 7,30pm onwards, with a little judicious channel hopping. (Terrestial not satellite) Here in France, there is comparatively little, and even less if you remove the foreign imports.
I have two questions arising from this;
1. How difficult do you find british comedy,(funny, not funny, bizarre, distasteful) and where are you from? Is it the language or the content?
2. How much comedy is on your terrestial TV in an average night?

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