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Pasticho vs. lasaña

I am a native speaker of Spanish from Venezuela. I've been living in the United States for a while which has meant sometimes adapting my dialect for non-Venezuelan Spanish speakers to understand me and learning words in other dialects.

However, recently I encountered something very strange: it seems that Venezuelan Spanish is the only dialect to refer to lasaña (obviously a loan word from Italian) as pasticho (also from the Italian).

Pasticcio and lasagna are two similar, but slightly different foods, with pasticcio using maccaroni noodles as opposed to the large sheets of pasta in lasagna. In Venezuela, we refer to lasagna, specifically, as pasticho. In fact, I had never even seen real pasticcio (or in this case pastitsio) until a recent visit to a Greek restaurant.

My explanation for this is that the first Italian immigrants to Venezuela were from a region that makes pasticcio and the name stuck to the more common lasagna.
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