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Cool thing about Linguistics classes is that you can sort of apply what you're learning to a language you're trying to become proficient in. Ahem. Our prof was discussing the caused-motion construction last week and I realized I don't know how to properly, grammatically express this idea in French. So, for my own learning I was hoping I could get someone to translate these phrases taken from O'Grady's textbook so I can figure out how it works.

1. Seymour pushed the truck off the table.
2. Mabel moved the car into the garage.
3. Perry pulled the dog into the swimming pool.

4. Boris sneezed the handkerchief right across the room.
5. The judges laughed the poor guy out of the room.
6. Morley squeezed the shirt into the suitcase.

I'm not sure if this has something to do with my earlier requests on Motion verbs (the different combinations of expressing motion, manner and path). I have a feeling they will be structurally similar, but... I dunno. =(

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