xochipilli (a_xolotl) wrote in linguaphiles,

gay supportive phrases in other languages

Hey, it's Coming Out Week at my university and each year the GSA chalks gay positive phrases onto the campus sidewalks. I'd like to do this in front of the languages building with phrases in various languages.

Here's a sample of things I'm looking for:
-Christian who supports gay rights
-Smile if you're Bi!
-Transgender IS normal
-Loves Sees No Gender
-Ally and proud of it
-Sexuality is a spectrum; celebrate diversity
-Gender is fluid, not binary
-Straight but not narrow
-civil rights is a family value

I'm not looking for translations (although if they aren't awkward sounding, be my guest and offer them!), more phrases in different languages along the same vein that one could use in support of the queer community and queer-supportive people. ESPECIALLY if they are catchy or clever or funny. I'd also really appreciate phrases in the more widely spoken languages at my school; Spanish, French, Russian, German, Swedish. Vielen Dank!

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