Connor (fenoxielo524) wrote in linguaphiles,

Repetition and Code-switching

While standing in line to take the SAT this morning (ugh) I had the pleasure of observing the two girls in front of me doing some wonderful code-switching in Spanish/English. After I had finished congratulating myself for being able to recognize the concept, I started listening very intently to their conversation and noticed an interesting phenomenon: one of the girls had a tendency to start a sentence in English, then stop and restart in Spanish (for example, "Why not— ¿Por qué no..."). I was wondering if this is common when code-switching. Another thing I noticed was they had a tendency to keep concrete nouns in one language or the other. They were talking about their school work and when they first introduced the subject of a project they had to do, they were speaking mostly Spanish, and thereafter, even if the rest of the sentence was in English, they used "proyecto" for the project, even sometimes using English articles with the word, but never actually saying "project." Thoughts?
Tags: code-switching

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