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language learning & reading aloud

Sorry if this type of post is not allowed - if so, please just delete it.

I'm in my second year of a degree in Arabic and most aspects of the work are going fine - my grades are above average. However, I have huge difficulties with reading aloud and I've no idea why, its especially weird because my reading comprehension is pretty good and when I read silently, all the vowels 'sound correct' in my head. But when I have to read aloud, even just by myself, I hear the right sound in my head but the wrong one often comes out of my mouth. (This doesnt happen when speaking BTW, only when written text is involved).

I remember having similar problems with reading aloud in English (my mother tongue) when I learned to read. As I got older, I became familiar enough with the latin alphabet to sort the issue out and got quite good at reading English aloud, and also other languages using the latin alphabet.

Does anyone else have this problem? Anyone got any ideas about why this could happen?


Thanks for the replies - when I read them, I realised that I'd explained the problem with vowels in a kind of confusing way for non Arabic speakers. Its not that I'm for example pronouncing the 'wrong sort of e' that sounds foreign, its that there are 3 vowels, i u and a and they correspond to case/verb endings on all words. Sometimes I mean to say i because I know the noun should be genitive but it comes out of my mouth as an a, making it look like I think the word is accusative. The pronounciation isnt really the issue here, its the physical process of reading...

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