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Cognitive Dissonance! Yay!

All right, I've mentioned it several times on here, but Japanese and Spanish give me quite a bit of trouble. I'm fluent in Japanese, however I don't have many opportunities to use it. Yo tengo grande "F" en la clase de Español, however living in California I have plenty of opportunities to use it (or that require it, as the case may be).

The trouble comes in that I use so much Spanish that when I try to speak in Japanese I have to hard-reset my brain before speaking or else I'll just spew out stock Spanish. On the other hand, if I try to speak Spanish that's beyond my ability, my mind fluidly grafts Japanese around the Spanish I do know (one recent gem being me turning "put the pencil on the table" in Spanish into "teburu ni lapis wo ponde kudasai" when trying to get one of my Spanish-only students to get ready to go to the bathroom before class started).

I've been debating taking Spanish classes to try to get a firmer grasp on Spanish, but while this may help with the Spanish side of things, I'm not sure if this will help or exacerbate the problem with Japanese (which, as it's what my degree is in, I'd quite prefer not to jeopardize).

Thoughts and opinions? While we're at it, let's open up a discussion on whether or not languages are stored separately in the brain, while we're at it (as I recall seeing some papers staunchly saying that such is the case...).

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