xochipilli (a_xolotl) wrote in linguaphiles,

drug slang/expressions/nicknames in various languages

Hey, I'm interested in hearing about drug related expressions in different languages. Since there seems to be so much (often random and weird) drug slang in English, I thought it might be interesting to hear the drug terms and expressions various other languages have to offer. Or at least, the less "technical" sounding ways to reference drugs. Which isn't exactly material found in most dictionaries, and my French and German profs are too ancient to know slang postdating the 50's, methinks, so I come to you.

I'm looking for the more common expressions, such as:

toke up = to smoke marijuana
the munchies = hunger cravings that result from using marijuana
rolling = using ecstasy/MDMA
crunk = high (on marijuana) and drunk
fucked up = extremely high/intoxicated
drop acid = use LSD
puffin the magic dragon = smoke marijuana; references the song "Puff the Magic Dragon"

...but I'd also really like to know some of the lesser known, more fun, colorful, and interesting terms, such as:

boomin' on shrooms = using hallucinogenic mushrooms
hippie flipping = using shrooms and ecstasy
candy flipping = using LSD and ecstasy
tripping balls = being extremely high on some hallucinogenic substance
highbeams on = the wide open eyes of someone using cocaine
pill lady = an old woman who sells her doctor-prescribed drugs to young people
God's flesh/hombrecitos = hallucinogenic mushrooms
Scooby snacks/disco biscuits = ecstasy

Those are just a few examples. Anything you can think of is welcome. List your favorites. If you could provide a literal translations of the expressions as well, or explanations as to why they might be phrased a certain way, that would be helpful. Here's a page which lists American drug street terms by substance in case anyone needs it for reference or just wants to look around. Obrigado!

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