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South Slavic diacritics

I'm trying to get the correct spellings for the songs (the diacritics in particular) on the Macedonian singer Toše Proeski's latest album - both the Serbo-Croat and Macedonian versions. Unfortunately for me, if there are tracklists out there they're on sites in languages I don't know, so I'm hoping some of you clever people might be able to help. Translations of the titles aren't necessary, although I'll admit to the usual curiosity.

The two tracklists are as follows - and before anyone asks I can't remember which version is Macedonian and which is Serbo-Croat

"Igri Bez Granici"
1. Dusa Ostana
2. Nikoj Kako Tebe Na Baknuva
3. Boze, Cuvaj Ja Od Zlo
4. Mesecina
5. Igri Bez Granici
6. Srekna Li Si Ti
7. Najdraga Moja
8. Jas Ne Sum Vinoven
9. Cresa
10. Volim Osmijeh Tvoj
11. Vezi Me Za Sebe
12. Ostala Si Uvjek Ista
13. Srce Nije Kamen
14. Nesanica

"Igra Bez Granica"
1. Pola Duse Pola Srca
2. Vezi Me Za Sebe (I know this is the same title as on the other album, but the diacritics might be different for all I know)
3. Ubijas Me Usnama
4. Boze Brani Je Od Zla
5. Mjesecina
6. Igra Bez Granica
7. Da L' Si Sretnija
8. Najlepse Moje
9. Sreco, Ne Krivi Me
10. Volim Osmijeh Tvoj
11. Jos I Danas Zamirisi Tresnja
12. Ostala Si Uvjek Ista
13. Srce Nije Kamen
14. Nesanica
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