A folk Tale (tygerofdanyte) wrote in linguaphiles,
A folk Tale

Transitive/intransitive verbs and sentence strangeness

I recently used the phrase "Glad I could amuse" in writing.

I was immediately struck by the fact that amuse should be a transitive rather than an intransitive verb.

Am I wrong in that amuse is a transitive rather than an intransitive verb? It's obvious workings show it as an intransitive verb, but I can't get it out of my head that it should be a transitive verb.

Granted in the above example, the active verb is "could" rather than amuse. If that sentence had to be rewritten -- "Glad, I amuse you" would work as well.

Now onto the second part of the matter, why does the sentence in itself look wrong?

Glad I could amuse.

I'm not the strongest on actual sentence construction, as all my teachers were either absent for that section or skipped over that as I grew up.

In my mind, the proper sentence should be either I'm glad that i could amuse. or I'm glad I could amuse you.

Is my sentence slang/dialectical? because I seem to have skipped the original verb and the main subject. The original verb would have been are (as am in I'm)

If this post seems completely off the wall or not organized, I do apologize.

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