Emilie (sliverchick) wrote in linguaphiles,

Infant ASL

So, I've been trying to look for the past two weeks for this information.

I have a presentation on Saturday (I'm prepared mostly, just need to see if I can find this bit of information) about a balanced look at teaching hearing infants to sign. This means my teacher wants to hear the pros and cons of teaching a hearing infant/toddler to sign. I know there's a research study out there that's called "Baby Talk" or something similar that discusses the cons of doing so. It was a studythat came from Harvard, but I can't find it! Does anyone know where I can find it, or if it's under a different title? Or does anyone know of any other resources besides personal experience that talks about how teaching a hearing infant to sign hindered something in the child's development, linguistically or otherwise?

If you could help, that would be awesome. Oh, I've got PLENTY of stuff on the pros of teaching a baby to sign. I'm just looking for the cons at the moment.


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