joanna_may (joanna_may) wrote in linguaphiles,

I'm not sure if this is an appropriate place to ask this, but hopefully so. I'm currently applying to University in the UK, to read French and Italian. I'll be starting Italian from scratch, so I don't really need much background there (I have a translated copy of the Divine Comedy, so I'll read bits of that).

However, in my Personal Statement, I have to show proof of reading beyond the syllabus. I read Le Monde regularly, and I recently read Harry Potter et l'école des sorciers. However, I would like to read some more 'mature' books. I have never studied French literature before, so I'm worried I'll struggle. Can anyone recommend me some good, relatively easy novels? I don't want children's storybooks, but real novels. At the moment, I have L'étranger, and someone mentioned Candide (although I feel Voltaire might be a stretch).

I'm currently studying A-Level French and I'm reasonably good at it. My grammar is good, and I have a fairly large vocabulary. If anyone could recommend a book, I'd be very grateful.

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