the girl you wish you knew but forgot you don't (penguinfairy) wrote in linguaphiles,
the girl you wish you knew but forgot you don't

Song translation, Spanish

I found this song on my computer the other day, and I'm in loooooove with it.
I'm curious what the lyrics translate to. Babel fish didn't help too much. Here's what I found on a site:

Rota, rota
negra, negra gota
yegua vieja

Lluvia dulce
me acompaña
por la noche
hasta la mañana

Hay un mundo más allá
otro mundo más allá

Sangre trago
ves malos
mundo, mundo
no te oigo

Por esas partes
rojo yankee
el obrero quiere estudiar
y el estudiante sigue pa' adelante

Aguanta que fui

No te vayas y te vas

I hope this isn't against any rules... the only world I can understand from my 8th grade Spanish class is mundo, hah. Obviously 9 years later, it was very helpful.

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