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Ishtar and Etymology

Being Ramadan and all, I thought this post was fitting:

Knafa (or ichnafa as my grandmother would say... there are probably a lot more ways to pronounce it than wikipedia has listed) is a popular Middle Eastern dessert. At the "Sweet Factory" here in Houston, you can get it "bil jubna" (with cheese) or "bil ishtar" (with... ishtar. I don't know what that is really, it has a cottage cheese consistency and is delicious).
Ishtar is the Assyro-Babylonian goddess of fertility, sexual love, and war. Is this a coincidence or was the food named after this goddess? I'm having a hard time finding stuff online since I don't know Arabic :(
It seems strange because I don't think the food ishtar is eaten in the area that was once Assyria/Babylonia. I could be wrong, feel free to correct me on that one.

Somewhat related: Is it even possible to find etymologies of words in languages with a non-Latin alphabet (with descriptions in English)? Or even Latin alphabet languages for that matter. Seeing how there apparently isn't an Arabic Etymology Dictionary in ANY language, my guess would be no.

Oh wait, I just found a good link for Chinese:
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