The Blue Fairy (lilitusama) wrote in linguaphiles,
The Blue Fairy

Accents from Greece and Lebanon

I am getting ready to do some tutoring for ESL, the goal being to make my students more easily understood when speaking American English. Most of my students will be professionals from India, and I have some materials to help me prepare for the various Indian accents already.

My problem is that two of my students will be from elsewhere, namely Greece and Lebanon. From what I understand, both students have a fair grasp of English, they're just difficult to understand. The student from Lebanon spent a number of years speaking Canadian French, and while it doesn't come up much in his accent, I believe it affects his grammar a bit. The Greek student has yet to be evaluated.

The question here is: What are some characteristics of Greek and Lebanese accents when speaking English? Is there another, more common language that either one resembles that might give me some idea of what to listen for?

Unfortunately I know relatively little about either language, and I've never been exposed to native speaker from either country. Most of my experience is with Japanese, and the materials I have don't mention these countries.

Thanks for any help.. the ability to identify issues ahead of time would make these sessions go much more smoothly.

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