Aisha (A Pi) (nerd4live) wrote in linguaphiles,
Aisha (A Pi)

Bully Terms

The other day I was watching this *hilarious* South Park rerun, and often times when I'm watching tv or movies and something really "American" comes up (words or situations) I wonder how it would be translated into other languages. In this South Park episode a lot of bully terms were used:

Wet Willy - When someone sticks his finger into his mouth, wets it, and then proceeds to stick it into your ear
Indian (Sun)burn - When someone pinches your arm skin and twists it around, leaving you with a red mark. Or when someone grabs your arm with both hands and twists them in opposing directions.
Wedgie - When someone pulls your underwear up your butt
Titty Twister - As the term suggests, when someone twists your nipples

I am actually going somewhere with this post, it's not just to gross people out. Are there words for these things in other languages?? Do these terms even exist in English outside of the US? (I think the last one is used in England, for some reason I remember that but I might be wrong. Probably in Canada, too). I don't know of anything similar in other languages aside from a bunch of words that mean to slap someone or hit someone on the head, arm, etc. The terms above, however, are very specific and fairly well thought out bully acts. If you speak a language other than English and know of terms for these or other bully acts (besides slaps and whacks) please share them.

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