Juliet Capulet (euphoric1dr) wrote in linguaphiles,
Juliet Capulet

question on Chomsky-related ideas.

Hi guys,

I think this is more a linguistics question than general language, but I am assuming many of you here have studied linguistics or are indeed aspiring/professional linguists, so i figured I'd ask away.

I'm still a bit new to Chomsky's ideas and theories concerning language acquisition, but could someone briefly touch on and explain what's meant by this Universal Grammar? Is it the idea that basically when any of us are learning a new language, no matter how similar or different to our mother-tongue (like, an english speaker learning japanese and then another english speaker learning swedish) we use the same techniques already built into us from birth in order to learn them? So then this would follow, that it is therefore possible to learn any language at all because we're already hardwired from the start?

Because let me just say, I am attempting Latin right now and the grammar is most definitely not something intuitive! Despite all my other romance language background! And with Russian, I have tried to teach myself a little bit but besides the aesthetics of Cyrillic, being as easy as that is, in no way is the grammar coming to me in any easy or intuitive fashion either!

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