Взрослый Человек с Осакой на аватаре (darth_blade) wrote in linguaphiles,
Взрослый Человек с Осакой на аватаре

English question.

I'm having a small argument with a friend of mine. She asked me to help out with her homework, which was to translate a bunch of sentences into russian. The sentence she asked me to help with was:
It certainly evens things up a bit with Ferrari down to one car.

My first guess was that the sentence was referring to some kind of team racing competition, and I translated the sentence accordingly. She then told me that the topic of their class was business, and then another gave us the supposedly correct answer. Apparently, the sentence was referring to Ferrari's production being brought down to one car.
And here is the reason of our disagreement: I argue that this kind of assignment is flawed, because it is impossible to figure out what the sentence is referring to by the contents of the sentence alone - there need to be either additional sentences, or this one needs to be expanded with necessary details. She argues that the topic of business should have been enough to correctly guess what the sentence was referring to. English not being my first language, I can't rely on my experience with the language, so I'd appreciate some input from native speakers.
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