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Help needed :)

It's me again.

I'm still preparing for the exam. I've found answers to the majority of the questions, though I'm not entirely sure whether they're correct. Could you please check if I'm right about my assumptions?

The notion of distinctive sounds - does it mean that we can classify the sounds according to the place of articulation, manner of art etc.? For example /p/ - plosive, bilabial, vcless; /m/ - nasal, bilabial?
Then what are nondistinctive sounds? Is it sth like allophones?

The other question was about the distribution of sounds and about a distributional definition of a phoneme. We all know that a phoneme is the smallest meaning-distinguishing unit of a lg. But what with this distributional theory?

I have a question like: Distributional(?) phonology vs. functional phonology. Is functional phonology connected for example with the elision or assimilation of sounds in fast speech? Or am I incorrect and those two notions are sth completely different.

And one last question to which i couldn't find any answer: phonemic and subphonemic differences in English. Believe me I've searched through O'Connor and Jassem but couldn't find anything. I tried to google it but I haven't found much. I can't get a copy of Jones D's "Outline of English phonetics" or Abercrombie's "Elements of general phonetics" as they are both not available in library.

If you could please help me with the above I would be so grateful, that you can't even imagine.
Thanks in advance.


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