Funky-Tailed Squirrel (5ampunkrock) wrote in linguaphiles,
Funky-Tailed Squirrel

A few phrases in Russian

Hello everyone,

I have a quick request. My boyfriend was born in Russia and his birthday is coming up, and since we're apart right now (I just moved for grad school), I wanted to add a little note to his card with some Russian phrases to make it a little more personal. If any of you could translate any or all of the following, that would be wonderful!

Happy birthday
I love you
I miss you

If you could think of a clever way to string those all together, that's even better! I think the transliterated version would be best since his Cyrillic isn't that great, but if you could provide that too that'd be cool just for reference.

Thanks SO MUCH!!!

PS: his nickname is Sasha... how is that written in Cyrillic?

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