Juniper Birkin (cocun) wrote in linguaphiles,
Juniper Birkin

Brazilian Proverb - Help, please?

Hello everyone.

I just caught the last few minutes of one of those CSI shows on German TV and one of the characters said a Brazilian proverb (or something similiar) which expresses that there is a (hint of) sadness overshadowing happy memories. (The context on the show was the sadness following a beloved person's death overshadowing the happy moments you shared with them.)

It sounded as if it were one word or two. Maybe the first one was sao or something that is similar and the second one (if it's not just one word) sounded rather Italian to me, like duce (leader, from the Latin word dux) maybe. Unfortunately I know nothing about Portuguese and the way words are pronounced in that language, so it's just an attempt to find something that sounded similiar.

I tried checking the internet for Brazilian proverbs, but unfortunately didn't find anything, so maybe someone here can make sense of my pathetic attempt to recreate the words. Any help would be appreciated. :)
Tags: portuguese

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