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I hate asking but I'm stumped. Most of what I know in German is conversational and I'm trying to figure out how to phrase this but it's not...

You know what? I have a case of the dumb today, bear with me.

I need to know how to say "Pride is our Crime". Now initially I went...uberheblichkeit (thanks, dad!)? That is way too long. I'm going more for arrogant pride than Stolz which is more...elated pride, I guess? ::shrugs:: Hochmut, maybe?

So "Hochmut ist unser untat"? (unsere? unser?) It doesn't feel quite right.

Yeah, if it's not obvious...I don't see German written often. Speak it with the fam but we're not big on letter writing. Apologize for complete and total lack of accurate spelling. Also, crappy grammar.

Thanks for any and all help. Sorry for any lack of sense. Again, I have the dumb today.


::cute face::

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