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Hi, everyone. I recently started my first year of college. I've recently become interested in pursuing a minor in French, along with a major or a minor in Spanish. I have studied Spanish all four years of high school at the AP level and I consider myself to be comfortable with the language. I do not, however, have any background in French. At my school, the minor begins with French 103, which is the equivalent to the third semester. The prerequisites are French 101 and French 102. In the interest of time and scheduling, I want to start studying the language on my own so I may be placed at a higher level (102 for example). I pick up languages fairly easily, so I already own a few French language books. I am looking for your suggestions for other approaches I could take to learn French. Are there any reasonably priced computer programs I could use to supplement my learning? I'm particularly looking for help with pronunciation. What approach do you think would be best for me? Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)

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