john (exentric) wrote in linguaphiles,

More of a literature question really...

I'm recently getting into literature like never before. Being, in my opinion, decent with the French language, I was hoping I could dive into the world of French literature. Being primarily anglophone, I know the big names, the bestsellers, the classics, the genres - even if by ear, but French literature stumps me. Alas, I turn to you.

To start me off, I was hoping I could ask for reccomendations on post-modern, contemporary French literature. Les particules elementaires was suggested to me. Really, I'm looking for relative French equivalents of Margaret Atwood, Douglas Coupland, John Irving, Kurt Vonnegut, Timothy Findley, etc. Modern classics, basically. As well... blush. I'm kind of into chic literature. Yanno, latte's, boys, shopping and lots of drama. Anything Canadian would be superawesome!entabarnaque; I hear our theatre is supposed to be good? Wouldn't mind Erotica either. O.o

Feel free to delete if this is kind of inappropriate for the community. Though, it might be good for intermediate French-learners who want a little culture infused with what they're learning, so we can at least appreciate any witty literary references in everyday speech.

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