Doire (doire) wrote in linguaphiles,

Political spectrum

I was struck by this:
GEOFFREY NUNBERG: Exactly. And one of the interesting things about the Romney ad is that he mentions cities in blue states - New York and Newark, San Francisco, but not cities in red states, like Oklahoma City, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, that have similar policies, either officially or unofficially, but which wouldn't fit that picture of Eastern liberal elite permissiveness and coddling of criminals that the word "sanctuary" is supposed to evoke.
in a recent post.
In the UK Tories, conservative, are blue and, the nominally socialist, Labour are red. Of the smaller parties, the Liberal Democrats are yellow and the Greens are green.

The blue right wing and red left wing seems so natural to me that I had trouble making sense of the quoted passage. Do other languages and cultures have this association and is there any world wide correlation?

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