Miz Daisy Cutter (ms_daisy_cutter) wrote in linguaphiles,
Miz Daisy Cutter

Serbo-Croatian invective

So anyway, the other day on Usenet, some Serbian guy cross-posted a white supremacist message to several newsgroups. Two of the responses, which I'm going to assume are in disagreement with him (especially because the second respondent added "Asshole." afterward), are below the cut. Would anybody care to translate?

"Mislim" = "Muslim," I presume. And "srbin" and "nacisticki/neonacisticki" are easy enough to decipher (as is, of course, "underground"). The rest, not so much. (Does "Njemackoj" mean "Polish" "German"? Or "deaf"?)

nacisticki srbin.

provjereno dobitna kombinacija.


E da mi je njega dovest u neki zadrti neonacisticki underground u Njemackoj pa kad bi ga vidli kako je crn, nizak i govori za sebe da je arijevac...Mislim da nebi ziv izasao.


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