LJ (ljs_lj) wrote in linguaphiles,

Danish translations

My Danish is a little rusty and I'm trying to add a couple of phrases in a story, so if someone could confirm/correct the following, I'd appreciate it. The speakers are in their seventies and are the children of immigrants to the US or are immigrants circa 1940 themselves. It takes place in the here-and-now.

"Ikke svare ham, Margrete, eller så hjælpe mig Gud–" Don't answer him, Margrete, or so help me God - (if the "so help me god" is too English-idiomatic, I'd appreciate an alternative that sounds more Danish!)

"Henrik, vore børnebørn…" Henrik, our grandchildren...

rød skæg red-beard (as a nickname)

And then I need something along the lines of "That damn German!"; I can't seem to find an appropriate adjective for Tysker.

Thank you!

ETA: If anyone is interested, I have posted the story these translations were for.

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