Whodunnit? (oh_meow) wrote in linguaphiles,

Hungarian practice

Being bored at work, and having the sort of job that lets me get on with this sort of rubbish, I picked some album titles off of my ipod and had a go at translating them into Hungarian. See if you can work out what they are (I bet I made mistakes, native speakers feel free to correct me). I had to be rather literal with some, and some titles are ambiguous in English in a way that means you have to phrase them a bit more clearly in Hungarian.

1) Őrmester Paprikanak a egyedülálló kőr banda
2) Egy pontynak a maszkamásodpéldány
3) Hatvankilenc szerelmes dalok
4) Végül, senki vagyunk
5) Boldog dalok boldog emberek
6) Éreznél baljóslatú
7) Felemeljetek ököleiteket antennakként ég felé
Tags: hungarian, music

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