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How many languages can you learn at the same time?

Hi here! I'm organizing my timetable for next course, and I'm a bit confused with languages. I'll explain to you my situation ;)

- I'm bilingual Catalan and Spanish.
- I'm studying English, the "Proficiency"  Cambridge level, at the language school.
- I want to teach myself German (I studied it for 4 years but then I stopped for 5 years...)
- I want to teach myself French, more similar to Catalan and Spanish ^^U (I studied it for the first time last year).
- I'd like to learn some Swedish, but just for a trip I'm doing in December, not as seriously as German and French.

Thinking a bit, maybe that's too much, and I should rethink the whole situation... I mean, I do like languages, but I'm not Superman ^^U What's your opinion? How many languages (different levels or the same ones) can you learn at the same time? This is a risky question because maybe you can carry a lot more at the same time XDDD

Thanks for reading this boring question! ;P

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