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Bit of a stretch, but any help is appreciated

Well, first you guys need the back stories and the reason why I'm asking for help. My parents bought a blue RV and my dad's been calling it Blue Elephant. 

My older brother, when he was small, called elephants 'tanu' (pronounced tan-oo). My parents have no clue where the word came from, but now dad wants to know since he's planning on naming the RV 'Blue Tanu'.

He's asked that I try and find out if the word 'tanu', meaning something to do with elephants, really exists, or if it was just one of those childhood naming oddities.

I figured if anyone knew, you guys would.

I've tried to find it with google, but so far all I've found is an Indian (Hindu, Punjabi? What's the right word to use?) name, 'Tanu'.
We don't know if he could have gotten it from a television show or movie and we really have no idea on how it would be spelled since the sound could be written in many ways. Tannu, Tanuu, Tanoo, etc.

Really, any help would be great and I appreciate anything you guys might have.



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